The AIWCF Chess Server allows you to play against other members. The FIDE Laws of Chess meant for over the board play, apply for the basic laws of chess. However on the server, a player must follow the additional rules explained in this guide.

Special rules for Silence (maximum number of days allowed for a single move) and Time Limit are applicable depending on the type of tournament (Normal, Rapid or Blitz).

Moves are made on a graphical chess board interface from a web browser on a PC or mobile device. Alternatively you may use a Mobile App although this has some limitations.

There are two categories of tournaments: Engine-Allowed and Engine-Forbidden. In Engine-Allowed games you are free to consult chess software and chess databases. In Engine-Forbidden games, you are not permitted to use engines or computer databases. However you may refer to printed books. In both cases, consulting another person to decide your move is not allowed.

For any clarification or to report errors, please contact the Administrator (Phone: +91-8141594459).