Draw, Resign

Refer to the picture below:

To resign a game, tick Resign and click Submit without entering any move. You will twice be asked for confirmation.

To offer a draw, tick Offer Draw. In this case you must also make a move before clicking Submit.

To claim a draw by Perpetual Check or Repetition of Moves, tick Pp.ch. or Repetition. If the position is already repeated for the third time after the opponent's last move, you do not need to make a move before clicking Submit. If the position is going to be repeated for the third time after a move from your side, then make this move before clicking Submit. After clicking Confirm on the next page, the server will check your claim and either accept or reject it. If the claim is rejected then the game continues normally.

Note: The FIDE laws of chess have removed draw by Perpetual Check. Instead, Draw by Repetition is applicable if checks are given in the same position 3 times. In our server, Perpetual Check is retained, but only for positions that repeat 3 times with check in an identical position. You should select Pp.ch. if the same position is repeated 3 times with check and you should select Repetition if the same position is repeated 3 times without check.

If your opponent has offered a draw, you will see a prominent message to that effect below the graphical board and the usual check box, Offer Draw will be replaced by Accept Draw.

To accept a draw, check Accept Draw without making a move Submit and Ok it on this page, then Confirm on the next page. To reject the draw, simply ignore the offer and make your next move.