Unethical practices

Players should conduct their games in a friendly manner and in accordance with the guidelines. Some examples of unethical practices are listed below, however AIWCF Management can take a decision about what is considered unethical, even in other instances not listed here. Any decision taken by AIWCF Management Committee about a member resorting to unethical practices is final and cannot be contested. The penalty imposed will depend on the details of the case and can range from just a warning to loss of games and ban for 1 year, or even removal from AIWCF membership.

Inappropriate Messages

Messages which are offensive, derrogatory or vulgar, should not be sent to an opponent. A player receiving an inappropriate message should report the matter to the administrator DrAmbargmail.com. The action taken against the member sending inappropriate messages will depend on the details of the case.

Using engines in Engine Forbidden games

If the Managing Committee's investigation finds a member to be using engines in Engine Forbidden games, all the engine forbidden on-going games of the player will be deemed lost and a 1-year ban for Engine Forbidden games will be imposed. Results of games which are already over may also be changed to a loss. However the player's Engine Allowed games will not be affected and there will be no ban on Engine Allowed games.

Taking advantage of software bugs

Although the AIWCF server software has been constructed carefully and revised when bugs are noticed, it is possible that a player discovers a bug. The user should report the bug to the administrator DrAmbargmail.com. and not try to exploit the bug for his own advantage. One example which came to light, was when a player found a way to take leave without it getting recorded. The bug was later fixed. The penalty imposed will depend on the severity of the case.

Move duplication

It is possible to acheive a 50% result in a pair of games by continuously sending the same move played by an opponent in a game where you have White to another opponent where you have Black and vice-versa. In effect the two opponents will be playing against each other. This is considered a serious breach of fair practices. All ongoing games of the player (completed games will also be reviewed) can be scored as lost and a 1 year ban will come into effect.

Password cracking

If a member guesses or otherwise comes to know the password of another player, he should immediately contact the administrator DrAmbargmail.com. Making moves from another player's account will invite penalties.

Unethical hacking

If a member breaks the security of the system to make moves on behalf of other players, alter moves of games, change results or other data, make the system unuseable etc., he will be considered an unethical hacker and appropriate action will be taken.