Email notification

The purpose of email notifications is to inform players by email when an opponent has made a move. If you do not want to receive an email everytime an opponent makes a move, you can turn off Email Notifications in Preferences. If you are playing only a few games, you may like to keep email notifications on. But if you are playing many games on AIWCF server, it is better to turn off email notifications and instead log in to the AIWCF server once a day to check your opponent's replies.

Here is how a typical Email notification looks like:

Message from server. Do not reply.
[Event "4711"]
[Site "AIWCF"]
[White "461: K.Babu"]
[Black "45: P.R. Kumar"]
[EventDate "30.04.2019"]

1.e4 {18:36:50-26.04.2019=0/0}
1...c5 {09:11:18-29.04.2019=0/0}
2.Nf3 {11:16:40-01.05.2019=1/1}
2...d6 {13:37:41-03.04.2019=2/2}
3.d4 {14:03:46-04.07.2019=4/5}

White time left: 48 days
Black time left: 45 days

K.Babu writes:
Nowadays, I am finding more time to enjoy chess.


White has moved 3.d4 and the server sends this email to Black using the registered email address (to change it, click View and update your personal data on your Games List Page. (See Personal Data).


You should never reply to server mail, no one will read it. Some newcomers think that they can send their next move by replying to this email. That is not so. This is not email chess, it is server chess. You have to reply using the web interface (or an app like YourMove).

Time stamps

Along with each move, time stamps are also included. For example,

2...d6 {13:37:41-03.04.2019=2/2}

This means that Black made the move 2...d6 at 13hrs 37min 41sec on 3rd April 2019. He consumed 2 days thinking time for this move and the total time count was 2 days. Similarly,

3.d4 {14:03:46-04.07.2019=4/5}

means that White took 4 days to make his move 3.d4 and this took his total time count to 5 days.


1...c5 {09:11:18-29.04.2019=0/0}

Although Black replied after 2 days, his time count remained zero, because the official start date of the tournament was 30.04.2019.

Since this tournament is at Normal rate of play, players are allowed 50 days thinking time upto move 10. The "time" left figures follow accordingly.