Correspondence chess games take a long time to complete. During this period there will be times when you are not able to send your moves due to illness, travel, work pressure, family obligations, exams etc. In this case you can take leave. During leave periods, the clock does not advance.

Leave Rules

*Adjustments can be made if there is an internet blackout in your region due to natural calamities, civil disturbances etc. In such a case please contact the Administrator by telephone (Phone: +91-8141594459) and by Email (DrAmbargmail.com) as soon as possible after internet services are restored.

Taking Leave

To take leave, select Leave in Webserver Tournaments on your Games list page.

As in the example above, the tournaments you are playing in will be listed along with the available leave balance. Enter the From and To dates and click Take Leave. Repeat this if you need leave in more than 1 tournament.

Cancelling Leave

If the leave period has not yet started, go to the leave page and click Cancel Leave.

Extending or Shortening the Leave

If the leave period has started you can modify the Leave To date in order to extend or shorten the leave period.