The time taken to respond to an opponent, is called Silence. Silence is a kind of time limit for one move. It is different from Time Limit which is explained in a separate section.

For Rapid and Blitz games there is no Silence Period. The Silence Period for Normal games is 40 days. Days on which you were on leave are not counted in the Silence Period. You must respond to an opponent's move BEFORE the stipulated Silence Period. If the Days Elapsed column in your Games List shows 39 or less, you can still make your move. But when it reaches 40, the game will be scored as lost. This also applies to your first move as White: You cannot remain silent for 40 days from the Tournament Start Date.

Silence and Time Limit rules as applicable to different kinds of games are explained in the table below:

Rate of PlayEngineSilence
Time Limit
NormalEngine-Allowed40 days50 per 10movesNone
Normal-ThematicEngine-Allowed40 days50 per 10movesNone
NormalEngine-Forbidden40 days50 per 10movesNone
RapidEngine-AllowedNone20 whole game2 per move
RapidEngine-ForbiddenNone20 whole game2 per move
BlitzEngine-AllowedNone10 whole game1 per move
BlitzEngine-ForbiddenNone10 whole game1 per move

When the opponent exceeds the Silence Period you do not have to claim a win, the game will be automatically awarded to you.