Time Limit

If you cross the time limit, the game is lost. If your opponent crosses the Time Limit you do not have to claim a win, the game is automatically awarded to you by server action.

Normal Games

The time limit for Normal Games is 50 days per 10 moves (abbreviated 50/10). This means that your total time should not exceed 50 days upto move 10, 100 days upto move 20 and so on.

Thematic Tournaments are at Normal rate of play (50/10). However the fixed moves of the theme are not included in the move count.

Rapid Games

The time limit for Rapid Games is 20 days for the whole game plus an incrment of 2 days per move. Two days are added to your available time whenever you make a move (Fischer clock). Example: On your 12th move your total time has to be less than 42 days, because you have 20 days plus 11 × 2 days which amounts to a total of 20 + (11 × 2) = 42 days.

Blitz Games

The time limit for Blitz Games is 10 days for the whole game plus 1 day per move. Note that one day is added to your available time whenever you make a move (Fischer clock). Example: On your 12th move your total time has to be less than 21 days, because you have 10 days plus 11 × 1 day which amounts to a total of 10 + (11 × 1) = 21 days.

The server itself keeps track of your time count. On your Games-List Page, for each game you will find listed the Days to Time Control both for you and your opponent. In a Normal Game, suppose you have made 12 moves using 40 days. The server will initially display 60 days (100 minus 40) as the time left to the next time control which will arise at move 20. Then as time passes, Days to Time Control will decrease and Days Elapsed will increase.

Note: If Days Elapsed is less than 1 day, the elapsed time in hours-minutes-seconds is displayed.


Silence and Time Limit rules as applicable to different kinds of games are explained in the table below:

Rate of PlayEngineSilence
Time Limit
NormalEngine-Allowed40 days50 per 10movesNone
Normal-ThematicEngine-Allowed40 days50 per 10movesNone
NormalEngine-Forbidden40 days50 per 10movesNone
RapidEngine-AllowedNone20 whole game2 per move
RapidEngine-ForbiddenNone20 whole game2 per move
BlitzEngine-AllowedNone10 whole game1 per move
BlitzEngine-ForbiddenNone10 whole game1 per move

Frequently Asked Questions

My opponent's Days to Time Control is showing zero but the game has not been awarded to me. Why?

When zero days are left, the game is not lost. In fact a player can go on playing upto the next time control with zero days left so long as he makes each move within 24-hours of its arrival. A game is lost if Days to Time Control shows -1, but you will never see -1 because that point the game will automatically have been scored on time limit.

I am short of time and I will not be able to manage. What should I do?

You can take Leave. Upto 30 days leave per year can be taken in any tournament. If you do not have leave days left, no special leave can be granted for illness, family situations, exams etc. If it is not possible to make your move in time, the game will be lost (however, see the next two FAQs below).

I have leave and wish to avail of it. Unfortunately I am not able to use my computer (e.g. hospitalisation). What should I do?

If you or a friend/relative can contact the administrator DrAmbargmail.com (Phone: +91-8141594459) we can apply for leave on your behalf.

There is an internet blackout in my region. What should I do?

If the problem is only with your computer or mobile-phone, you should send your moves from a cyber cafe or a friend's computer/mobile-phone. However, if there is general blackout of internet in your city or region, please contact the administrator DrAmbargmail.com (Phone: +91-8141594459) as soon as possible. We can provide extra days or even restart lost games when there is an internet blackout due to natural calamities, civil disturbances etc.