Download PGN and your chats

In engine allowed games, you may like to open all your games in a chess playing program such as Fritz, Acquarium, Arena, Scid, ChessOk etc. For this you should download all your ongoing games in a PGN file so that you can open it with your chess playing program. (Subsequently you can add moves to keep updating the PGN file as the games evolve).

You should not open your engine forbidden games in a chess program that has chess engines attached.

Download PGN of all ongoing games

Select Download PGN of all ongoing games from the menu of your Games List page.

Download PGN of only 1 ongoing game

To download the PGN file of only one game, click the Get buttons that you see alongside each game in the table in your Games List page.

Download PGN of games (yours or others) that are over

(a) From the cross table
For this you do not even need to be logged in. Go to the Login page and click Cross Tables. Navigate to the tournament of interest.

Click Download PGN. Only games that have been completed will be in the PGN file. You can also view a game by clicking on the 1, 0 or ½ inside the cross table.

(b) From the Games Download page
You need to be logged in. In your Games list page select Games Download.

Set the filters as required and click Search Games. In the above example, the filters are set to search all the games of A.Chatterjee. The search shows 158 games:

Click Download Games to get all the 158 games in one PGN file.

Click Download Chats to get all the conversations in one TXT file.

(Note: Only chats where you are a player will be downloaded.