Server Migration
Dr Ambar Chatterjee

In June this year the AICCF server completed 12 years of operation. These 12 years have seen prolific tournament participation and growth of new members as would never have been possible without our own dedicated CC server.

The server host QualiSpace was troublesome right from its start in 2009. There were 3 major server crashes, the first instance being 2nd March 2012. Our discussions with QualiSpace never resulted in a solution to our satisfaction. Consequently we were always thinking of migrating to another server.

With QualiSpace, we were always tense, not knowing when the next crash would happen!

The final decision to change the server host was made towards the beginning of this year. We also decided to change the domain name and consequently the name of the federation would change. The word “Correspondence” carries with it a memory of the post-card era and we had stopped all postcard play since 2011. We decided on AIWCF (All India Web Chess Federation) instead of AICCF (All India Correspondence Chess Federation). We selected GoDaddy as the new host as they have the reputation of being the best service provider in India and perhaps globally. We selected the domain name

The transition to the new provider took place on 21st July 2021. The table below shows the time-line. In the table, “Members informed” indicates bulk email to all members and message on WhatsApp group.

21 July 202108:07 closed
21 July 202108:16 Members informed about server migration
21 July 202108:51 operational. Testing done.
21 July 202109:10 Redirect notice on
21 July 202109:20 Members informed of new server
YourMove Phone App not functional
22 July 202106:04 YourMove mobile App updated
Members informed

First Moves on the New Server

On 21st July:

On 22nd July:


With a view towards better and more reliable service, we moved the AICCF server to GoDaddy hosting. At the same time we changed our name from AICCF to AIWCF since “Web” better represents the way we play compared to postcards and email of a bygone era.

With GoDaddy, we are no longer tense about a server crash!