Nagesh Havanur
Vijay Pandit as a CC Player
Just as Shri V.D.Pandit was known as Chess Historian and Statistician Prof. Nagesh Havanur is known as Chessbibliophile because of his preoccupation with Chess History, Biography and Opening Theory. He has been a prolific author of articles in chess magazines and on the web. You can read his eulogy on Shri V.D.Pandit on Here he presents two CC games with the aim of demonstrating how V.D.Pandit could entertain us with his game annotations.

Vijay Pandit was active as a correspondence player during 1995-1998. There are 11 games in Tim Harding's Ultracorr. Database. He wasn't very successful here on account of his full time job at Godrej Company, Mumbai and organizational work for correspondence chess in India. However, he enjoyed playing and commenting on his games. Here are two examples: