Management Matters
Dr Ambar Chatterjee

We welcome the following new players who have availed our FREE 1 year membership. At the end of 1 year they can decide between Two Year Membership or Life Membership.

SrNoFull NameShort NameMembership
616Kapila, HimanshuHimanshu Kapila11-03-2021
617Jadhav, Tejas VikasTejas Jadhav26-01-2021
618Chandrani, ShlokShlok Chandrani26-01-2021
619Sengupta, ArnabArnab Sengupta26-01-2021
620Kannan, Vasanth KumarVasanth Kumar26-01-2021

At the time of joining, Himanshu Kapila wrote, “I am really looking forward to representing India one day.” Actually that day was not far. Himanshu was selected to play for India on Board 21 in the match against Mexico. Newcomer, youngster Shlok Chandrani (introduced by Pawan Dudeja) is playing on Board 22. Arnab Sengupta in such a short span of time has completed 22 games in ICCF with 11 wins and 11 draws!


It has been decided to change the name of the Federation from All India Correspondence Chess Federation to All India Web Chess Federation. When AICCF was founded in 1993, the medium of play was post-cards. With changing technologies we transited quickly from Email and started our own Webserver in 2009. By 2011, all play by postcard had been stopped. Even though the meaning of CC has been enlarged in modern times to encompass Email and Server, we felt that Web Chess would be a more appropriate description compared to Correspondence Chess.

The change in name was prompted by the decision to change our server host. We have been dissatisfied with the quality of service provided by QualiSpace and wanted to change to GoDaddy. Accordingly, on 21st July 2021, we moved to the domain and is discontinued.

We also have some changes in the Management Committee with Sailesh Chandra becoming Secretary-cum-Treasurer instead of Dr. Alok Saxena. Dr. Saxena continues as ICCF Coordinator. Anuj Gupta, K.Prabhanandan and T.Pavan Kumar have joined the Committee, while P.B.Dhanish has left.

Details about the change in web-host are given in a separate article Server Migration in this bulletin.

Payments to AIWCF

We have discontinued the Razor Pay payment link and are in the process of setting up a payment link on the new server. We will inform members once a new payment gateway is established. All future payments would have to be made from this link. Other modes of payment such as bank transfer, cheque, draft are discontinued.

Making Payments for ICCF Tournaments

Members who want to join ICCF Tournaments should select an appropriate tournament directly from the ICCF website. Various types of tournaments are available according to current rating. To make the payment you have two options: Direct Entry with payment through PayPal or Enter through National Federation. The best option is Direct Entry with payment through PayPal. You can easily create a PayPal account from Even if you do not want to open a PayPal account, when you select Direct Entry, the payment can be made as PayPal guest wherein you can make the payment through any of the usual electronic methods. After our payment gateway is ready, you can also select Enter through National Federation. In this case you can confer with Dr. Saxena and send the required amount through our payment gateway.