Readers Speak
This column is open to comments about the bulletin, suggestions for AIWCF and ICCF etc. This time we received several suggestions from new members Himanshu Kapila and Arnab Sengupta. There were also other suggestions about AIWCF Server. We will give due thought to suggestions provided and consider their implementation if practical.

Dear Editors,

My suggestion is to provide a Certificate to the tournament winner in AICCF and AAW. People like to share their achievements on social media and this can also be a word of mouth publicity that can encourage many other people to take up correspondence chess.

Long distance runs like 10k, Half-marathons etc gained popularity as they started giving finishers medals as well as timing certificates to everyone.

Even in ICCF, they don't give certificates to winners of Aspirer Tournaments. Your intervention there will also be very helpful.

Warm regards
Himanshu Kapila

New member Himanshu Kapila also sent us the following game with his notes for the enjoyment of readers.

Dear Editors,

I think we should start Open Tournaments on ICCF Server just as other countries are doing. This would generate funds and also provide some promotion of our federation. For example we could conduct Memorial Tournaments in memory of Shri Meherhomji or Shri V.D.Pandit. This could also help AIWCF members to get strong opponents and earn Title Norms.

Another suggestion is for us to leave ICCF Zone 4 and join the World Zone. I think this may give our players a much greater choice of tournaments and opportunities to earn titles.

Yours sincerely,
Arnab Sengupta

Dear Editors,

I suggest to make a provision to directly upload our profile photo on AIWCF Server. This will be better than for us to send you our photo by email or WhatsApp as we are doing presently. This could be to replace the existing photo or upload a photo for the first time.

Yours sincerely,
Amit Kumar Sharma

Following this sugestion, we made the provision for players to upload their photo. From your Games List Page, you have to select Actions > View/Edit Profile and then click “Upload profile photo”. The photo will go through an approval process and after that it will appear in your profile.

Dear Editors,

I have a suggestion (minor) regarding our AIWCF webserver look and feel. New UI is very good. Only small input. After log-in, the page shows two tables Games waiting for your move and Games waiting for opponent's move. Can we show Games waiting for your move more prominently, say with different colour, bigger or bold font so that it can be better distinguished? As of now it is difficult to distinguish unless we read every word carefully.

Rakesh Agrawal

Ok. I have made the change as desired.