Rabirashmi Roy

Full Name: Rabirashmi Roy

Age: 48

Native Place: Kolkata

Family Details: Sri. Birendra Chandra Roy(Father), Smt. Jayasree Roy(Mother), Anamika Roy(Wife), Archisha Roy(Daughter)

Education: M.Com in Management Accounting and Financial Strategies

Occupation: Accounts Officer at Indian Audit and Accounts Department

How I started playing Chess: I learnt the rules of chess from relatives. In 1985, at the age of 13, I was admitted to a neighbourhood chess coaching centre where I was introduced to theory.

Experience in OTB Tournaments: From 1985 to 1988, I regularly participated in Telegraph Schools' Chess, Calcutta District and All Bengal age group and open tournaments. I did not win medals but I used to finish within the top 10%.
    One day my father had a discussion with my coach regarding how I can improve further. Two things came up from the discussion. At least 4-6 hours daily needs to be dedicated for theory and I need to move to a better coaching centre. My coach recommended Alekhine Chess Club, which was best in the city at that time.
    Back at home, it was concluded 4-6 hours daily is too much an ask and Alekhine Chess Club is quite a distance from our home. So the unanimous decision was, academics cannot be compromised and chess took a back seat.

My favourite books for learning chess: I have learnt chess in the pre-internet and pre-computer age, before the disintegration of Soviet Union. For us Indians, the existence of Soviet Union ensured a supply of cheap and high quality books on varied subjects. Chess books were no exception. In addition to class notes, Alexei Sokolsky's book YOUR FIRST MOVE ChessFor Beginners (Raduga Publishers, Moscow) fulfilled the purpose of text book.
    Another book, not exactly a text book, but helpful in getting familiar with games of masters as well as developing a general interest in chess, is, THE SOVIET CHESS SCHOOL by Alexander Kotov and Mikhail Yudovich, also from Raduga Publishers.
    Back then, both of these books were available for throwaway price at Vostok book stores.
    Last but not the least, there was Manuel Aaron's magazine Chessmate. [Actually Arvind Aaron (Manuel Aaron's son) runs ChessMate -Ed]

My favourite books for advanced learning: My Sixty Most Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer and The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal

How I joined AICCF: In the winter of 2018, the topic of correspondence chess came up in a discussion with an office colleague. For some time, I was also looking for an alternative to online live chess, mainly because of rampant cheating that goes on. The idea of engine allowed server chess clicked with me. I approached ICCF for registration and ICCF redirected me to AICCF.

Ambition in AICCF: Nothing in particular.

Ambition in ICCF: GM title

Favourite Opening: King’s pawn

Favourite AICCF players: Gautam De

Note: The following sections have been prepared by the editors

AIWCF Statistics
Played only 1 tournament in AIWCF, the AICCF Championship 1517. Finished in 10th position. Attained an AIWCF (Engine Allowed) Rating which has stayed at 1830 since March 2020 with no further games.


ICCF Statistics:
Obtained Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) Title in 2021

2019/21922 1412 1 1
2019/31953 9 3 4 2
2019/42004 10 3 7 0
2020/12020 7 1 5 1
2020/22064 11 5 3 3
2020/32161 2610 15 1
2020/42184 32 6 25 1
2021/12188 34 5 28 1
2021/22236 27 7 20 0
2021/32306 3813 25 0
*2021/42331 23 7 16 0
Total 2157213310
*2021/4: Rating forecast for ongoing period

Rabirashmi Roy has lost very few games in ICCF. Of the 10 recorded losses, 6 are actually from the AICCF Championship 1517 which is rated in ICCF.

The ICCF Rating shows steady increase right from start and has never decreased. During the period 2020/3 to 2021/1 there was a tendency to saturate as often happens with stronger opponents resulting in more draws. But from 2021/2 Rabirashmi Roy appears to have to stepped up his game to show phenomenal rating rise, which is already predicted to cross 2331 in the last quarter of 2021.

Selected Games
Two annotated games of Rabirashmi Roy (against Cdr R.Ganapathi in AA/TC03 and against Karlheinz Weber in CT23 pr 47 are to be found in the Games Section. Here are 2 more: