Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor’s Desk, Anil Kumar Anand
  2. Management Matters, A.Chatterjee and A.Saxena
  3. AICCF Webserver, A.Chatterjee
  4. International Matters, Alok Saxena
  5. Opening Review- Two Knights- Fried Liver Attack, Om Prakash Mohanty
  6. Games Section, Mohan Turaga
  7. Solution to Corchegimmick, Om Prakash Mohanty
  8. Updates on AICCF 1517 Championship, Anil Anand
  9. 7-men Endgame Tablebase, A.Chatterjee
  10. Chess Tidbits, Anil Anand
  11. AICCF Top 20 Active Players Ratings (Engine-Allowed)
  12. AICCF Top 20 Ratings (Engine-Forbidden)
  13. AA Server Top 10 Ratings
  14. PGN Download