CCM Om Prakash
Opening Review- Two Knights- Fried Liver Attack

Brief Introduction by the Editor

The Two Knights’ Defence is one of the oldest openings, dating back to Polerio 1580. However, modern lines with Morphy’s 5..Na5 involving a pawn sacrifice were developed only in the middle of 19th century. It is ideal for players willing to take risks in order to dictate the tempo of play. Tarrasch called the move 4.Ng5 a “duffer’s move” that neglects development. However, former world champion Steinitz played it against Chigorin accepting the pawn sacrifice to prove the gambit unsound. Later, Fischer, an admirer of Steinitz, devoted his attention to this line of play and the verdict is still in doubt.

Om has ventured to investigate the less-commonly played 5..Nd5 6.Nxf7!? - the Fried Liver line.

Bobby Fischer famously lost one of the shortest games of his career in the Fritz line to Karl Burger in San Francisco in 1963:

In the 1950s, players had preferred the Lolli attack:

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