Anil Kumar Anand
From the Editor's Desk

The Editorial team of Me and Mohan Turaga, the Games Editor, are pleased to offer this first issue of AICCF Bulletin 2020 to the readers.

This edition has an exciting Opening review by the reigning AICCF champion, Omprakash Mohanty on the Two Knights defense, Fried Liver attack.

The solution to the extremely difficult Corchegimmick featured in the last Bulletin is given by Omprakash Mohanty. It is a classic example of “building a fortress” in an inferior position.

In Chess Tidbits, several important chess events since the last issue are provided for the information of the chess enthusiast such as Women’s World Chess Championship finals in January 2020 and update on the Men’s World Chess Candidates, scheduled in March 2020.

Looking forward to your usual suggestions for improvement on the AICCF forum/ Whatsapp group. Wishing all readers a very Happy New Year 2020 and success in Correspondence Chess in chess in general.

Sincerely Yours,
Anil Anand
Bulletin Editor