Management Matters
Dr Ambar Chatterjee
President and Bulletin Editor
Dr Alok Saxena

We welcome the following players who have joined subsequent to the publication of the previous AICCF Bulletin: 601: John Xaviers (upto 28-10-2021) from Kochi, 602: Aravindh Chithambaram (Life) from Chennai, 603: Tanmay Srinath (Life) from Bangalore, 604: Abhimanyu Puranik (Life) from Pune and 605: Anirban Bhattacharjee (upto 16-01-2022) from New Delhi. AICCF gives a warm welcome to all the new members!


The 1st Engine Forbidden AICCF Championship, C001 started on 29-09-2019 with 16 players. We had received as many as 23 entries for this championship. Some members were pressing to start with all the 23 players. But this is not practical since players would have to manage 22 games simultaneously. We decided to include the higher rated 16 players for C001 and the other 7 players were placed in N003 which we designated as the 1st Engine Forbidden Aspirers Tournament. At the time of writing, 67 games out of total 120 have already been completed in C001 and in N003, 9 out of total 21 games are finished, indicating that players are making their moves quickly. The loss of all games of Cyrus Irani in C001 by default, due to personal problems, is indeed unfortunate as he was one of the favourites to win the Championship.


The 22nd ICCF Olympiad Preliminaries started on 13 Jan 2020 with 5 sections. India is in Section 4 (CCO22/S4) along with Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Latvia, France, Peru, South Africa and Venezuela. The players from India are:

  1. GM Sasikiran, Krishnan
  2. Kannappan, Priyadharshan
  3. CCM Prakash, Om
  4. CCE Kapoor, Lalit
  5. CCM Turaga, Mohan
  6. CCE Chauhan, Rakesh Kumar

AFRO-ASIAN Server goes Worldwide

AA Server (Afro-Asian Correspondence Chess) was introduced in June 2016. This free server was open to players from the Africa-Asia zone (including India) and Australia. Following a recent decision, the server is now opened to players from all over the world. On this server, players from anywhere in the world can register and play an unlimited number of tournaments. For players from India, AICCF membership is necessary.

Ambar Chatterjee
Alok Saxena