Joining AIWCF

Membership is FREE for 1 year. After that the fee is Rs. 615/- for 2 years or Rs. 1540/- for Life.
To avail of free membership, please send an email to mentioning
Family Name:
Given Name(s):
Short Name:
Date of Birth:
Mobile Number:
Postal Address:
Occupation: (Business, Service, Retired, Self Employed, etc.)
Chess Level: (Beginner, Mid-level, Advanced)
ICCF Id (if any):
FIDE Rating if any:

H.D.Kumaraswamy should enter Family Name as Haradanahalli Devegowda (Village and Father's name), Given Name as Kumaraswamy and Short Name as H.D.Kumaraswamy
Ramesh Kumar Saxena may enter Family Name as Saxena, Given Name(s) as Ramesh Kumar and Short Name as Ramesh Saxena
Names should be as per Aadhar Card/Passport. Pseudonyms and handles are not allowed.