All India Web Chess Federation (AIWCF) is an organization for Correspondence Chess played over webserver in India.
It is affiliated to the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).
Membership is free for one year after which you can decide to renew for two years (Rs. 615/-) or become a Life Member (Rs. 1540/-).
Membership entitles you to both domestic and international activities.

Games played on AIWCF's own webserver
Unlimited tournaments with no additional fees (except AIWCF Championships)
AIWCF e-Bulletin published bi-annually
AIWCF Ratings updated every month
AIWCF Championships with handsome prizes
WhatsApp and Facebook Groups

Join ICCF Tournaments with the option 'REGISTER VIA NATIONAL FEDERATION'
Send payment for ICCF tournaments in rupee currency through AIWCF Payment Gateway
Avail country rebate (40-50%)
Join free ICCF tournaments (e.g. Afro-Asian Championship, Friendly Matches)
Represent India in ICCF Olympiads, World Cup and other team events
Earn ICCF titles: CCM, CCE, IM, SIM, GM and recieve the medals at your home address
Play unlimited games on Afro-Asia-World server ( free of cost