1519 Details

Announcement of the 19th AIWCF Championship (Engine Allowed)
1519 (2021-2022)

Last date for entries: 30-09-2020

The 19th AIWCF Championship, 1519 will be a 15-player single game Round Robin tournament commencing October 2021.

Entry Fees
The entry fee is Rs. 715/- for those qualifying on the basis of Rating and Rs. 1530/- for Donor entries. Fees should be sent only after the list is finalized. The mode of payment will be explained later. Players selected will be informed by email and the list will be displayed on AIWCF server. If a selected player (including Donor) fails to complete the payment by the date intimated, we will send a reminder and if the payment is still not sent, the next eligible player on the basis of rating, or as Donor will be selected.

  • 1st Prize Rs. 5,000/-
  • 2nd Prize Rs. 3,000/-
  • 3rd Prize Rs. 2,000/-

How to Join
Login to your Games List page. Under New Tournament, click Join Engine Allowed Championship. Subsequently, click the or button.

If you are unsure about qualifying on the basis of rating, click . You will automatically be also considered on normal basis depending on other entries. However if you do not qualify on ratings then you will be considered as Donor.

To change your entry from Donor to Normal or vice-versa, click and then click or as required.

Rules and Regulations
The Championship will be played on AIWCF Webserver and the rules and regulations of Normal rate of play will apply. The time limit will be 50 days per 10 moves. The games will be AIWCF and ICCF rated.

There will be two Tournament Administrators, Dr A.Chatterjee and Dr. Alok Saxena. Technical and other problems should be reported by email marked to both Administrators. In the event of complaint against a player who is also an Administrator, the complaint should be directed to the other Administrator.

Thirteen players will be selected on the basis of Rating using the rating list of 1st September 2021. Two additional players will be selected as Donor Entries according to the following criteria:
  1. Rating
  2. Draw of lots
In the absence of donor entries, seats will be filled by next highest rated applicants. The minimum rating of a Donor Entry is 1500. Donor entries will automatically become Normal entries if there are vacant seats.

For families, only one member from a family is allowed to participate in the AIWCF Championship.

Ties if any will be resolved in the following order:
  1. Direct encounter (Results of tied players against each other)
  2. Greater number of wins
  3. Sonneborn-Berger Score (also called Neustadtl Sonneborn-Berger Score)
    S.B.Score is calculated by adding the sum of the scores of the players he has defeated to half the sum of the scores of those he has drawn against
  4. Koya system (Number of points acheived against all opponents who have scored 50% or more)
  5. Toss of coin
Tie-breaking rules will not be changed. They are not linked to FIDE or ICCF tie-breaking rules.