Anil Kumar Anand
From the Editor's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to hand over this first issue of AICCF Bulletin 2019 to our readers as its new Editor taking over the mantle ship from Dr. Chatterjee. Of course, I had been assisting him for well over an year as his Assistant Editor, helping him with articles, snippets and fillers, before taking over as full-time Bulletin Editor with this issue. Earlier, as old timers might be aware, I was associated as the Games Editor of the Bulletin during the period 2006-2011. Mohan Turaga has kindly consented to join my team as the new Games Editor. He has done a splendid job as the new Games Editor in annotating several interesting games before proceeding to Bangkok.

While I have no claims of being an Editor of any magazine, let alone that of a leading Chess Bulletin like AICCF, I have strived to try bringing out this Bulletin while keeping the contents interesting, current and helpful to those hopeful of excelling at Correspondence Chess. Hope me and my team have been at least partially successful in this enjoyable endeavour. We will look forward to our readers’ positive criticism in order to further improve the future issues of our beloved Chess magazine.

This Bulletin also serves as AICCF’s humble tribute to the veteran chess player, Shri Shams Khan, who passed away to heavenly abode on March 25th 2019.